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Deutsch Collective at Titanic Dubs

8th October 2023

After the unfortunate cancellation of our show in September, we were able to secure our old venue of Titanic Dubs at the Titanic Dry Dock for the 8th October.

It has been a few years since we have been at the Titanic Dry dock, and it is looking great again, thanks to Titanic Distillers, updating the building with their state-of-the-art whiskey distillery and creating the only whiskey distilled in Belfast.

Our event will be outdoors, hosting 100+ of Ireland’s finest German brand cars.

No pre-entry or payment is required, turn up on the day with your German brand car, park up and take in the awe-inspiring site that hosted the titanic.

Show and shine awards, food and great views make this one not to miss!

Open to all German and VW/Audi Group vehicles

Age is no barrier, we welcome new and old alike.


Titanic Dubs