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The Stages

at Dubshed 2022

Enter for the Pride the Recognition a Trophy and prize!

The Stages @ Dubshed 2022

Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April 2022 


On the 2nd & 3rd April, Northern Ireland hosted one of 2022’s most exciting events.

The Stages, supported by Monster Energy and endorsed by the famous Solberg family, was an all-new attraction and event in its own right within our Dubshed show, incorporating elements of drift, rally and time attack on a course designed by the team responsible for the better known Gymkhana Grid.

We hope you saw a variety of cars in action, from shoestring budget builds to high-end, professionally built and very powerful cars. It truly is a spectacle to watch and adds a really exciting dynamic to an already successful Dubshed!

The Stages was free for anyone who wished to participate but you must have had a RWD or AWD car to compete. There was a selection process for this whereby your car was subject to scrutiny by the Monster Team.

Do you think you have what it takes to win? We will be recruiting for our next show from December

Please see regulations below, entrants will be selected dependent on entries in each class.


AWD – All Wheel Drive
RWD – Rear Wheel Drive

Modifications are allowed and the vehicle is not required to be road legal.
Cars must run a front bumper and bonnet to maintain a clean look.
All tyres must must be E marked or Dot marked with tread.
Oil catch tanks are mandatory for open breather systems.
Any parts of the fuel system in the passenger compartment must be sealed by a bulkhead.
Factory seat belts or harness must be securely fitted.
Battery must be secure and terminals covered.
Fire Extinguisher must be fitted within reach of the driver.
Open top cars must have roll hoop or hard top fitted.
Drivers must wear full length clothing – no tshirts or shorts – Helmets are mandatory.

Any un-sportsman-like conduct, unnecessary, reckless and/or unsafe driving of any kind, in and /or around the pit lane,
staging lane, run-off, will automatically result in a disqualification. Unacceptable behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.

Any consumption, and/or use of drugs, narcotics and/or alcohol prior or during the event will result in an automatic disqualification.

Each team will be directed to their designated area.
Teams are advised to bring an ezyup cover to park cars underneath and use ground sheets to work on cars.
All used tyres and parts must be taken away, anything left behind will result in a fine.

All drivers must sign on at the dedicated sign on & inspection area.
Each driver MUST supply a European driving licence to enter.

A mandatory drivers briefing will be held. All drivers must check schedules at race control.
Any driver that does not attend drivers briefing will not be permitted to attend practice and/or compete.

Timing will start as the vehicle moves off the start line and will finish as the vehicle passes the finish line.
Any obstacles hit will incur a 1 second additional time penalty.
Any deviation from the course you will incur a DNF and not record a time.

Enter your vehicle below.

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