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Set in the historic venue of the Titanic Pump House and Dock, Belfast, where the Titanic was born.

In the shadows of Belfast’s bright yellow cranes lies the Titanic’s birth place. situated in the regenerated Titanic quarter, it offers a more original setting for Titanic Dubs.

Closing the show season in style, boasting 100+ vehicles around the now unused dock and pump house (which are both open for viewing).

Like Castlewellan, this is a laid back event, allowing people to catch up and reflect on the year’s show calendar.

The show now requires no pre-entry, just simply turn up and enjoy the cars and soak in the history.

This as an all-inclusive event, catering for family and enthusiast alike, with a cafe on site alongside a purposeful BBQ we award prizes for the best-judged vehicles.

As the sun sets on the show season, cars get their last outing

Iconic setting steeped in history